Recruiter FAQs

 How long does it take to post a job?
Minutes, if you have Job Description ready.

 After how much time, a submitted job goes live?
Within 24 hours. Occasionally we might reach you for few details regarding posting, and your prompt response will help in getting it published soon.

 Advantages of Silver/Gold/Diamond plans?
Unlimited profile access (100 for Silver), much more visibility/response, Social Media branding etc. Hence many-fold chances of closing the requirements. More details on pricing page.

 I need more response for a job, what to do?
Please send us a Refresh request. (After 15 days of publishing, Limit of 1 Refresh for a basic job)

 What is Database Access?
Curated profiles for a particular job. Available immediately after posting a job on My Job page, against each job.

 I can't download more profiles, why?
There is a limit of 20 free profiles per account. After that, either buy extremely affordable Pay-Per-Profile plans or make the job Silver (100 profiles) or Gold/Diamond for unlimited access.