The Unique Tech
Production Supervisor


Experience: 0-2 Years
Openings: 10+
CTC: 1-3 LPA
Key Skills:   #Production   #Mechanical
Job Description

Plan, manage, and oversee all elements of production in our factory
Assess and analyze current production methods
Develop and draft an improved production process
Design and implement cost-reductive changes
Maximize productivity of machinery and workers
Follow product specifications and quality control measures
Determine which machines, tools, equipment, etc. will be used and where they will be stationed in the facility

Eligibility Criteria

Mechanical/Instrumentation engineering

About Company

The Unique Tech in Chennai is a vast field of administration that requires various needs fulfilled. Established in 2010, we always had one specific goal in mind given the current scenario of our state and country. We offer distance education, college consultancy, placement in various MNC’s and various other amenities. We offer many opportunities for everyone with respect to their fields. We carry out workshops and PPT’s for shaping the young minds and guiding them towards success. Not just education, we offer job opportunities for freshers and professionals.

Posted on:  17 November 2018
Category:  Mech/Chem/Civil...
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