Software Development Engineer


Experience: 2-5 Years
Openings: 5
Job Description

Ever wondered what it's like to work at a 1000+ employee company that functions with the same excitement and drive as a 3 person startup? BookMyShow is evolving, and we are inviting passionate engineers to join us in transforming our products for the next generation of internet users.

We are looking for passionate hands-on engineers to join the BookMyShow Engineering team. In this role, you will be responsible to drive innovation in full-stack product development, while relentlessly improving performance, scalability, and maintainability.

An SDE II is expected to be a mature asset with the capability to take independent charge and ownership of deliveries and quality management. You are expected to be quick adopter of new tech and an evangelist of the same within the engineering team. Over time you are also expected to take on small leadership roles or become an Architectural Solutions provider. 

What kinda challenges to we have?

Building micro-services & scale applications that handle over 100,000 requests per minute.
Automate deployments, setup real-time performance monitoring dashboards, and integrate CI/CD pipelines.
Work with our Product & Design team to craft customer centred applications used by millions of people everyday.
Write algorithms to improve our personalisation and recommendation systems and drive discovery of events to millions of users
Define rule engines to automate business workflows.
And much more. The list is extensive and we'd love to share more details over a chat.

What will you do

Collaborate and Deliver well tested modules with your team.
Drive adoption of best practices & regular participation in code reviews.
Experiment with new & relevant technologies and tools and drive adoption for the same.
Take independent charge of deliveries and deliver LIKE A BOSS!! (With Automated testing of course...)
Take strong opinions in debates like GRPC vs HTTP2!
Contribute to open source. We encourage you to give back!

Eligibility Criteria

Technically Hands-on, prior experience with scalable Architecture
Bring 2-6 years of software engineering and product delivery experience, with strong background in algorithms
Excellent command over Data Structures and Algorithms
Exceptional coding skills in at least one of the our mainstream languages (NodeJS/C#/Golang).
Strong problem solving and analytical skills
Experience in architecting & building real-time, large scale e-commerce applications or high scale SAAS applications
Preferred, Not Required
Experience with high-performance websites and Apps catering to millions of daily traffic is a plus.
Experience with Search and Related Technologies like ElasticSearch or Solr
Deep expertise in SQL and SQL related technologies
Experience with NoSQL Databases like MongoDB, Counchbase etc..
Understanding and experience of working in an Agile System

About Company

From starting-up in our founder's apartment in 1999, to the rise, fall and eventual comeback of BookMyShow in 2007, we may be one of the oldest online brands in India; but we're still an energetic and persistent startup at heart.

What's our work culture like? 

We live in a hyper-competitive and fast moving environment, so our attitude is impact-driven. We like processes and agile ideologies, but don't let it hinder our performance and slow us down.

Why we're doing this?

The entertainment industry is undergoing a radical transformation. We see vast shifts in the way media is created, distributed, and experienced. Over the years, ticketing has helped us understand audiences, and its stronghold on the market has enabled us to amass troves of data on viewing habits. We're now in the perfect position to evolve from an online ticketing provider to a '360 degree entertainment platform'. The pipeline is exciting, and we'd love to share more details over a chat.

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