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Research Developer


Experience: 3-6 Years
Openings: 2
Job Description

Dunya Labs is a deep tech product company currently focused on building infrastructure, developer tooling and middleware for deploying scalable blockchain applications. We combine a theoretical research team with a product team to lead cutting-edge developments in the
blockchain space. Seeking a diligent, passionate and detailed-oriented Research Developer to drive theoretical research into various blockchain protocols and help ideate potential products.

At Dunya Labs,you will be contributing to impactful solutions that can enable the decentralized world. We strongly prefer candidates who have strong academic research backgrounds and deep interest in blockchain technology - candidates who are agile and able to work in undefined areas.

Key Responsibilities: The Research Team at Dunya Labs is focused on pioneering foundational research in blockchain technologies and use-cases.

We explore the following:

  • Foundational Research. Staying aware and updated on major cryptographic and theoretical computer science developments, including but not limited to: zero-knowledge, multiparty computation, new cryptographic primitives, transformers, and more.
  • Protocol Research. Deep-dives into up-and-coming blockchain protocols through whitepaper analysis and discussions with the protocol teams themselves.
  • Scaling. Sharding, Layer-2 Scaling (e.g. Lightning, Raiden), non-blockchain distributed networks, applications of discoveries and constructions in recent cryptography papers
  • Privacy. Transactional privacy and data feed privacy on public blockchains (e.g. zk-snarks)
  • Governance. Implications and results of on-chain and off-chain governance
  • Smart Contract Standards/Security. Automation, formal verification, and termination of smart contracts

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Mathematics or a technical field. Masters/PhD preferred.
Research or development experience in network security, algorithms, or theoretical computer science and mathematics
Knowledge of distributed systems, game theory and/or cryptography is strongly preferred
Record of academic publishing in related conferences and/or journals a plus

Skills and Competencies:

Ability to work creatively and independently on long-term technical problems
You learn quickly and apply new skills effectively
Ability to collaborate with other researchers and developers
Brilliant analytical and problem solving skills, especially algorithmic knowledge

Preferred Qualifications:

You work well with data and can use machine-learning tools to analyze datasets.
Ability to code at a high level in C, C++, Python, Golang, Rust or any other common programming language
Strong performance in competitive programming (TopCoder, HackerRank, CodeChef, Olympiads - IOI, INOI)

About Company

Dunya Labs is a deep-tech company spearheading innovation in Bangalore and aiming to reposition India as a global technology leader. Dunya Labs is currently focused on blockchain, and builds tooling and infrastructure for various protocols in order to drive blockchain towards mass adoption. The company is built on deep research in blockchain as well as cryptography, distributed systems, and game theory. This research informs product ideas which are then built by the engineering team.  

As a young, enthusiastic and early stage company, ownership is of utmost importance at Dunya Labs. Employees are able to contribute to the product life cycle from beginning-to-end, and even participate in discussions around clients and fundraising. The company strives to provide a meritocratic environment. Working at Dunya Labs will not only educate employees on the next big thing (blockchain), but it will also help them stay ahead of the curve through encouraging experimentation,  quickly and often. 


A collaborative environment for working with like-minded researchers and developers who carry out implementation of theoretical research results
Opportunities to work with top research institutes such as ISI Cryptography, IISc and institutions abroad
Highly competitive salary, healthcare benefits and other perks
Flat organization with freedom to pursue desired research

Posted on:  1 March 2019
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