Ferns N Petals
SSE (Backend Developer)


Experience: 3-9 Years
Openings: 10+
Job Description

  • Understand Requirements for assigned tasks
  • Design and Develop assigned functions
  • Independent delivery of all assigned tasks
  • Delivery of assigned tasks in time
  • Perform unit tests for the tasks
  • Report status, intimate any risks identified with the task delivery to team lead

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have 3+ years as a backend developer
  • Must have experience of working on Java 6/7/8
  • Must have experience of working on Git, Eclipse, etc
  • Should have worked on Spring, Spring boot, Spring MVC

About Company

Ferns N Petals (India's No 1 Online Gifting Company) having pioneered the concept of flowers and gifts in the country, today has become a driver of marketplace innovation and a contributor in local economies. Started with a single store in 1994 in Delhi, Today we lead the floral and gifting industry with 320 outlets in 120 cities, pan India. Today, Ferns N Petals Group encompasses ofFNP Retail & Franchising, FNP E-commerce- India &UAE, FNP Weddings & Events, Floral Touch- India & UAE, FNP Gardens, Flowers ‘N’ More, The Flagship Store byFNP, WDH (Wedding Design Hub), FNP Cakes 'N' More, FNP Water and FNP Media.

Why FNP? Why FNP?

  • India’s No-1 Online Gifting Company.
  • Unlike most other e-commerce companies, we are a profitable company. We are not having a single paisa loan/debt/external funding which means we have excellent steady and stable financial health and there is zero turbulence in our business decision, hiring, salary date, or appraisal.
  • Unlike most other companies that have Vision and Mission only, we are driven by Passion also and it is clearly published all around.
  • We are scaling up and transforming with strong systems and processes. You will be joining a leading and growing team and your role happens to be a part of a big strategic move in the growth story of the company, which also means you’ll have immense learning and growth opportunities.
  • Push culture vs Pull culture: Our Vision, Mission & Passion pulls people to deliver their best with ownership
  • The common word in Vision, Mission & Passion is Innovation, which reflects how much importance we lay to innovation, creativity, out of the box thought and action. It also reflects the freedom, empowerment and flexibility that are laid in the hands of employees to do things differently.
  • This empowerment also reflects our democratic, collaborative and open communication culture, free of bureaucracy and red-tape-ism. Employees being heard and involved in co-creating the company’s success stories.
  • We have an anniversary appraisal cycle, which means there is no bell curve or a forced rating culture where one employee is pitched against his/her colleagues and the company’s increment budget is tactfully distributed amongst employees regardless of their performances. Your appraisal is conducted fairly and dispassionately around your KRA on a quarterly review system.
  • There are numerous examples of employees who have grown with the company from over the years. Talk about the number of employees who’ve been with the company for more than 3/5/10/15/20 years and people who joined as fresher’s and grew to management roles, or people who joined in mid-management roles and grew to senior management roles.
  • You can talk about the wall of fame at the reception acknowledging every employee’s contribution to building this company.

Posted on:  25 April 2019
Category:  Software Development
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