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HireTale boasts of delivering results for clients who come from different industries.
To meet the needs of every industry we tailor our services accordingly to deliver quality results.

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HireTale excels in Premium Technical Recruitment and caters to almost all the IT technologies across every seniority level. The USP of the company lies in its “Speed”, and it promises to close any position of even the topmost level within a period of 30 days!

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To build the most Reliable and Simplified, People Management Ecosystem.


To Accelerate the process of bringing companies closer to the right talent through Next Generation Technology.





We began our journey in 2013 with the aim of connecting graduates & alumni of engineering colleges with premium recruiters/companies. We started as the only portal in India exclusively focused on engineering talent with automated process of tracking all the steps during selection process.

We have since grown to more than 2 Lakh registered users, many more visitors and provide services to 9,000+ recruiters, fulfilling thousands of positions in the process. And the numbers are rapidly increasing!

We have jobs in Engineering/Sales/Marketing/HR/Analytics/Legal/BPO domains and are expanding to more categories.

We want to drastically simplify job searching and hiring. We derive satisfaction in helping someone get his/her dream job. We feel a sense of achievement in empowering organizations with bright minds. Time, energy and money saved in a simplified recruitment process simply add to the world's productivity.

And the story continues...

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