SVP of Technical Product Management ($400K)

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Experience: 15-30 Years
Openings: 5
Job Description

The Senior Vice President of Technical Product Management directly impacts the success of our organization via our product teams.

We need someone who can be responsible for building and managing an elite Technical Product Management team. Each member of this elite team holds the title of “Vice President of Technical Product Management” within a specific division of our portfolio.
The ultimate goal of this effort is to strengthen our teams by facilitating collaboration and communication between them.

The Senior Vice President of Technical Product Management, as well as each of their team members, will be expected to learn and use a wide array of existing third-party technologies.

Key Responsibilities

  • Know when and how to design new data structures and algorithms.  
  • Apply modern software design patterns (think cloud, containerization, etc) to product requirements.
  • Understand the fatal impact that poor product design decisions can have and strategies on how to avoid them.  
  • Communicate their technical decisions in a clear, written manner so that other people on the team may follow their direction.
  • Define data structures and object models.
  • Create algorithms to solve high-value problems.
  • Map solutions to large “building blocks” of existing open source components and cloud services.
  • Make decisions that reduce scope in favor of simplicity
  • Communicate clearly (especially in writing).
  • Provide active daily feedback to individual contributors writing Important Technical Decisions.  Help make them simpler and clearer.
  • Lead and manage a team.
  • Interview new VPs of Technical Product Management and guide them through a structured training period.

Eligibility Criteria

BS in CompSci, CompE, or EE.

5+ years of hands-on production code development in Java or C#

3+ years experience making the core technical design decisions that were then implemented by other developers.

Excellence in reducing overly complicated and unstructured answers into a set of simple and structured decisions.

Ability to identify and articulate patterns in unstructured and unorganized content.

Excellent written communication skills including architecture diagrams, data flows, and system component diagrams.

A passion for creating work in a process-driven way and working with team members to continuously improve that process.

Experience working for a Top 100 software development company such as:

Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Facebook, etc.
A leading financial institution such as Goldman Sachs, Citi, HFT Trading firm, etc.
A software outsourcing organization (as one of the top 5 technical architects).

About Company

Crossover connects the world's top talent with the world's best companies. We're re-inventing how people find long-term, challenging work, and how companies leverage the best talent in the world. We assemble teams of rockstars and provide playbooks and a platform, WorkSmart, to help teams and individuals continuously improve how they work.

We're creating a future where all high-skill jobs are in the cloud and big data helps people and teams be more productive. A future where brick and mortar offices are history. We believe the future of the workforce is global and will be built from teams collaborating from every corner of the world.

Crossover has more than 2,500 partners in 108 countries. Unlike freelancer or outsourced marketplaces, Crossover only offers long-term, multi-year projects or programs.

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