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Business Analyst


Experience: 0-3 Years
Openings: 10
Job Description

We are looking for a “Business Analyst ' to act as an intermediary between our company and customers. You have to provide guidance to our clients’ for financial planning and make recommendations on how to best utilize their money. The candidate should be able to research marketplace on available products and services, identify customers’ needs, design financial strategies and close a sale.

Candidate will be responsible to handle clients from Global markets. Efficiently prospect new clients through effective communication and develop good customer relationship with high consumer satisfaction. Assessing client’s overall financial picture, understand their needs and develop a financial plan on the basis of Research. Provide Guidance to the clients towards a profitable and secure financial decision. 

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Sell accreditation.
  • Create daily lead sources.
  • Assess Clients overall Financial Pictures, understand their needs and develop a solid financial plan.
  • Guide clients towards a profitable and secure financial decision.
  • Cultivate client base and build healthy relationships.
  • Oversee the course of the financial plan and update it, if necessary, to ensure profits.
  • Maintain and develop a computerized customer and prospect database.
  • Plan and carry out direct marketing activities (principally direct phone calls, Chats) to prospects.
  • Develop ideas for direct sales call, maintain and develop existing and new customers through planned individual support.
  • Take care of the client renewals

Eligibility Criteria

Good Communication, Interpersonal Skill and Excellent English
Quick learner and ability to multitask.
Knowledge of International market preferred.
Experience In working on Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM).
Write and speak persuasively and clearly
Follow economics, international finance, foreign exchange and international news events.
Proven working experience as a financial adviser, planner or relevant experience preferred.

About Company

Capital Builder brings you the top Indian stock market analysts of the country under one roof. It has established itself one of the premier platforms for analysts especially technical analysts of Indian stock market. By providing the valuable stock tips we are earning the strong reputation amongst the investors, brokers and researchers. We also serve the intraday stock tips, future stocks, Nifty future calls, and at last we are master in serving the short term investment stock tips.

Posted on:  30 May 2018
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