Kreon Finnancial
DevOps Technical Architect


Experience: 3-9 Years
Openings: 1
Job Description

We are looking a DevOps expert who will design, architect and implement next-generation micro-services architecture for one of the most exciting Fintech products in India.

Skills & Responsibilities:

1. Plan, architect and build our AWS infrastructure for micro-services
2. Execute cloud formation, scaling groups and configuration management
3. Full ownership and accountability of micro-services which include day-to-day operations and maintenance
4. Manage developer operations on our agile management platform
5. Scale our infrastructure on the cloud with high availability in mind

Tools & Platforms:

1. AWS Lambda, S3, API Gateway, CloudFront
2. Firebase
3. MongoDB, MySQL, Redis
4. Github, Jira, Slack

Eligibility Criteria

Compulsory Working Expertise:

1. Mean Stack (Node.js, Mongo DB, Angular.js)
2. AWS S3, Lambda, API Gateway
3. Firebase
4. Mongo DB / Dynamo DB
5. Agile frameworks for project planning, execution and resource management

About Company

Kreon Finnancial that started as a conventional lending company in 1995 is on the verge to complete its metamorphosis into a state-of-the-art fintech company.

Kreon Finnancial is dedicated to creating an open credit and financial services platform through technology innovations by
providing consumers and small businesses with convenient inclusive financial services. This philosophy originated from 20+ years of practice since the establishment of our financial services business, as well as in realizing the realities of inclusive financial services in India.

Kreon Finnancial leverages cutting-edge technologies to engineer lending products as the basis for providing Internet financial services to the public. With the help of cloud computing, rapid user verification, facial recognition and big data analytics, users can enjoy seamless access to Kreon’s financial services. Kreon’s new brand identity, the crown depicts this very core concept, an infinite network.

Posted on:  9 June 2018
Category:  Computer Science
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Recruiter last login:  20 December 2018

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