The resume is a well presented summary of your background and credentials. The sole purpose of your resume is to get you an interview, not a job. Your resume will be screened by an employer for just 15-20 seconds. That's all the time your resume has to make an impact. Be honest and accurate while drafting your resume. A well-typed resume is a very handy thing to have when you go to an interview. If done correctly, it will tell the employer about you as a person and your job-related skills.

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250 fifty second street
NITKSurathkal-(System Analysis and Computer Applications, 2011-13) Scored 491 in GATE with percentile of 97.5
Ranked 3rd among all students in the Department
CGPA 8.0/10.00
BharatInst.Of Eng. and Tech,Hyderabad-(Electronics and communication,2007-2011)
Ranked 3rd among all students in the Department
ClassXII-ShriChaitanaya Junior College (Hyderabad,2006)
ClassX-Brilliant grammer high school (Hyderabad,2004)
  • State Rank 1 in Mathematics out of 500,000 students in 10th State Board Examination; Scored 100% in Mathematics
  • Rank 3 among 20,000 candidates in Kota Talent Search '01; State Genius Award for securing Rank 3 among 40,000
  • 88.02%
    Languages : C, C++
    Operating system: Windows(9x,ME,XP), Linux
    Software Packages:Eclipse, Visual Studio, Keil
    Environment: UEFI(unified extensible firmware interface)
    Project 1
    Dell India R & D, Bangalore
    Title: Implementing of CIFS(common internet file system) client over IPV6 connectivity & porting to UEFI
    Role: Platform Software Engineer-Intern
  • Design and develop preboot Applications CIFS
  • Implement SMP protocol using c language,data structure and efi protocols
  • Work on Linux, Opensource code
  • Migrate to IPV6 connectivity
  • Dec'12-Mar'13
    9 10
    Project 2
    Dell India R & D, Bangalore
    Title: Signature verification of package using open source cryptographic library OpenSSL
    Organisation: Dell India R & D, Bangalore
    Role: Platform Software Engineer-Intern
  • Design and develop preboot Applications
  • Implement signature verification of packages application using c language and efi protocols
  • Porting of opensourceOpenSSL lib to UEFI environment
  • March'13-June'13
    Projects Undertaken(M Tech)
    Major Project
    National Institute of Technology, Karnataka
    Title: Work to worker- Service to organized, unorganized sector
    Role: Team member
  • Design and implement database using MYsql
  • Implement application using java xml parsers
  • Extraction of data from an application
  • Creating xml schema,mapping with end application xml schemas
  • March'12-April'12
    11 12 13
    Minor Project
    Defense Research Laboratory(DLRL), Hyderabad
    Title: Xml data transfer between Heterogeneous application systems
    Role: Project trainee
  • Design and implement database using SQL
  • Implement application using java xml parsers
  • Extraction of data from an application
  • Creating xml schema mapping with end application xml schemas
  • May'12-June'12
    Awards & Achievements
  • Led 2-tier team of 4 managers and 20 volunteers to organize Robotic events in technical fest FOURIERS2K10
  • Designed many robots and got 3rd prize in robotic event conducted at VNRVJIT.
  • Won 3rd prize for robotic event of Battle of Waterloo in BITS Pilani
  • Awarded Merit Recognition Certificate in Nationwide IT Aptitude Test, 2008 conducted by NIIT
  • Guided college juniors in building Wireless water boat
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    1 3 2
    250 fifty second street
    IIT, Bombay-(Computer Science and Engineering, 2006-2008)
    Secured a percentile of 98.7 in GATE 2006
    Ranked 3rd among all students in the Department
    CGPA: 8.0/10.00
    DCE, Delhi-(Computer Science and Engineering,2002-06)
    Ranked amongst top 0.29 % of all students appearing for IIT-JEE and secured AIR 884
    Ranked among the top 0.2 % of all students appearing for AIEEE and secured AIR 685
    ClassXII-Delhi Public School (Delhi,2002)
    ClassX- Delhi Public School (Delhi,2000)
  • Awarded with National Level Science Talent Search Olympiad certificate for securing AIR-2876 in 2001
  • Qualified Competence in Software Technology(CST) conducted by CDAC with 94 percentile
  • Worked with undergraduate scholarship as a JRF (Junior Research Fellow) on a FLUENT aided project.
  • 88.02%
    Programming Languages: C++, C#, OOPS, Java, Maven, MVC Framework
    Operating Systems: UNIX/Linux, Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 2007)
    Software Packages: MS-Office, SCADA, SAP
    Other Tools: OSGI framework, Apache Felix, Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit, Apache Granite, CQ5, Junit, Git, and Perforce
    Microsoft IDC, Chennai            Designation: Senior Engineer
    Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Build complex business applications as a member of high energy team
  • Use MVC frameworks, OOPs concepts, etc to build modular applications, loosely coupled applications
  • SOA concepts to build loosely coupled applications, scalable applications
  • Participate in the entire lifecycle of the product - design, documentation, coding, testing and deployment
  • Build tools and frameworks to facilitate rapid issue resolution
  • Imbibe and maintain a strong customer service oriented attitude while designing and building products
  • July'13 - Till Date
    9 10
    FICO, Bangalore            Designation: Senior Engineer
    Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Ownership and responsibility of multiple modules vis-à-vis Time Estimation, Design, Development, Documentation and Maintenance
  • Development of end-to-end functionality across all tiers within Java Enterprise app
  • Close Interaction with Product management for Functional Specification design
  • Close Interaction with Project Management for planning and task progress
  • Technical Mentoring of new joining
  • Jan'10-June'12
    Riser Technologies, Pune            Designation: System Engineer
    Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Design, develop and document software components using established practices
  • Maintain and support released and pre-release commercial applications
  • Utilize test-driven development approach to deliver commercial quality code
  • Perform code and design reviews
  • Perform hands-on development and maintenance of software applications/components.
  • Aug'09-Dec'10
    TCS, Mumbai            Designation: Assistant System Engineer
    Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Maintaining mission critical application with a high concurrency rate
  • Design Database for new applications
  • Write code in PL/SQL as per business requirements
  • Provide production support
  • Identify and fix defects (Brought Ticket count down by 35%)
  • Sept'08-July'09
    Awards & Achievements
  • Bagged gold medal for securing highest score by an individual in Counter Strike at Techfest
  • Guided 104 students about Surveying by mentoring as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the course CE371
  • Being a member of Society of Software Engineers organized various events like Departmental Freshers & Farewell
  • Led the house of 300 students in terms of co-curricular activities of the school
  • Navigated the House stand 1st in Basket ball, Quiz and Swimming in the inter-house events
  • 1st Runners up as a House in Skating, Science Exhibition and Socially Useful Project Work
  • NCC A Certificate Holder
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    Some basic tips for handling resumes and establishing an online presence

    Maintain Proper Sequence: These are different section in a sequence that you should follow while drafting your resume.
    Header Your identity and your contact details
    Education details To check if you have the basic qualification for the job/internship you are applying
    Skills How equipped are you in terms of your personality traits aswell as occupational skills
    Practical Experience/Projects To see if you have done anything that reflects yourpotential capability.
    EXTRA CURRICULARS To know apart Professional aspects, how meaningful is your life
    Use Specific and Relevant Information: Don't waste valuable space with overused, general statements. Your resume should be short and simple and provide very basic information. Make sure that the length of your resume does not exceed 2 pages. This is great if the plan is to be a professional job seeker
    Avoid Pronouns: You resume should not contain the pronouns "I" or "me." That is how we normally structure sentences, but since your resume is a document about your person, using these pronouns is actually redundant. Also, do not use abbreviations.
    Maintain Proper Format and Style: Be consistent in format and style while preparing your resume. Use popular, non-decorative typefaces such as Arial and Times New Roman. Type the body in 10-12 point font and your name in 16 point in BOLD.Also distinguish each section of your resume by using 1/2" to 1" margins and most importantly, your Email ID should not be included as hyperlink text.
    Use Bullet Points: Instead of writing paragraphs, the use of bullet points is highly recommended because they can drastically improve the readability of a resume. Bullet points are a quick way to break down skills and efforts that were put into a project.
    List Professional Information First: The entry-level candidates should put their education information near the top of their resumes, unlike the experienced professionals, who list their degrees and certificates at the end of the resume.
    Emphasize your Project: List each of your project that was performed at the company and then providing details as to what you were involved which will include your role and responsibility.
    Expertise Skills: A list of useful skills in your resume as per the job is concern. Listing project details is one thing but an employer also wants to know in general the types of skills the candidate has. Having a technical expertise section that lists various items such as hardware, software and programming language and provide a quick overview summary of what an individual brings to the table can be very beneficial.
    Avoid Unnecessary Information: Never include redundant information such as reference, disclaimer and interest unless they are related to the job. Personal information such as date of birth, marital status, height and weight, and salary or wages should not be included in the resume.
    Use Action Words: Companies like to have leaders on their teams or up and coming leaders. Leaders are action driven and employers like to look for candidates that take initiative and are on their way to becoming leaders.For this reason it is always nice to include action words that grab extra attention. Mention leading the team or managed the team or were conducting investigations to list a few.
    Avoid Content Copying: A Common mistake most of us make while constructing a resume is to copy the format from a friend's resume and build it based on that. AVOID THIS, unless your friend has taken professional help on making a resume.
    Refer your Resume: Do refer to a third person to check the entire content of your resume for any errors before submitting.