Jobseeker FAQs

 How to register as Jobseeker?

 I updated my resume after applying for a job. Which resume does the recruiter see?
The most recent one. We only keep your updated resume with us and show the same to recruiters.

 Is premium membership required for getting a job or call from recruiters?
Absolutely not.

 What are the benefits of premium plan over basic plan?
Completely automized application status tracking for each job, more visibility of your profile to recruiters, job statistics availability (total resumes downloaded by recruiter, contact details viewed by recruiter, activeness of recruiter) with competition analysis (candidate profiling experience-wise, college-wise etc.), ranking across all the candidates calculated based on our internal algorithm etc. More details here.

 Do paid plans guarantee a job?
No. It’s absolutely a recruiter's decision to hire you or not. Hence, we can not guarantee it. Although, paid plans do increase the visibility of your profile when recruiter is sorting through our database.

 Advantages of keeping profile up-to-date?
Recruiters view your profile first before CV. Incomplete profiles face the risk of being screened out at the very first step.

 How do I update my CV?
Just upload the latest one, it overrides the previous.

 In how much time, I should expect a response on my application?
It varies from recruiter to recruiter and on urgency of job. Generally, it is few days. We have created “Real time job statistics” data which helps in understanding exactly how active a recruiter is and whether other candidates are getting calls or not.

 What are the factors that affect my chances of getting a job?
Your profile, skill set, experience etc. along with external factors like competing candidates for the same job and their profiles, market conditions, economies, recruiters’ requirements etc. To give you a better sense regarding this, we have created candidate profiling (experience-wise, college-wise etc.) and your standalone ranking (calculated based on our internal algorithm) across all the candidates who have applied for the job.

 What are Silver, Gold and Diamond jobs?
These are paid plans by recruiters, which generally means premium jobs with high packages and/or urgent requirements. Hence, hiring process is significantly faster for such jobs.