Job Posting Tips

 Please choose all criteria regarding Experience, Compensation, Skills etc. carefully. Wrong data will hamper jobs visibility to suitable candidates.

 Please do not combine different jobs into one posting like Android/iOS Developers, so that relevant job aspirants can be targeted.

 Never provide any contact information in the posting. Candidates are supposed to apply through the platform, let’s keep it organized!

 No need to write repeated information like Job Role, Location, Experience etc. in Job Description as that is already visible to the jobseekers.

 Please be crisp about the content. Too much or too less will yield less response

 Use proper formatting.

 Job Description should include the briefing of role, responsibilities of the job etc.

 Eligibility Criteria is what you want in a candidate, from education qualifications to skills set.

 Use About Company section to inform and appeal potential team members by putting definitive company info, work culture, perks of joining etc.